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We are confident that if you follow our online flexible career programs and make a commitment to achieve your goals, you can land a job in a high-growth industry, no matter what you choose. That is why we offer the Job Guarantee that will refund 100% of your Tuition if you are not offered a Qualifying position within a year of graduation.

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Courses For Real Estate

This full 18-hour package includes 10 elective hours and 8 mandatory hours required for the renewal of active licenses.

  • Provider # 004
  • 18 Credit Hours

Topics Covered Include:

  • Texas Legal Update I (4 mandatory hours)
  • Texas Legal Update II (4 mandatory hours)
  • Contract Competence in Texas (3 mandatory hours)

demographic and geographic information clients need to make educated decisionsThe essential knowledge on a wide range of business topics is covered in The Fundamentals of Commercial Real...

  • 3 Credit Hours

Topics Covered Include:

  • important terminologies and ideas in commercial real estate
  • How to recognize and address the demands of clients in commercial real estate
  • How residential and commercial sales are different
  • Methods of valuing enterprises and real estate
  • Advice on how to acquire the demographic and geographic information clients need to make educated decisions


  • - Complete program trainings online with systematic approach to learning and retention.
  • - Pass the quizzes and final exams with required mastery.
  • - Attend all instructor and mentor sessions online live.
  • - Take career coaching and counselling sessions to get job ready.
  • - Start a successful career with our job placement services.
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Includes both mandatory and elective training courses required get a certificate of completion.


Choose from among our unique learning methods — online zoom, online self-paced, or our new online interactive method to accommodate any lifestyle.


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In partnership with Workforce Training Academy, Coastal Bend College is offering a Real Estate program for one reason: to connect passionate students with the chance to achieve a deserved career in Real Estate. We're preparing a new generation of working professionals to address challenges posed by a rapidly evolving, technology-driven world. Our knowledge-based training programs facilitate access to dynamic learning modules and certifications - all to prepare you for a successful career. We provide access to high-quality skills training that anyone can access, interact with and understand.

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Coastal Bend College

Bee County Junior College District was created by election on November 2, 1965. The election resulted from several years of work to establish a community college for Bee County. Support was shown by residents in an overwhelming five-to-one majority for the creation of the district. The desire for a community college was again demonstrated on December 7, 1965, when district citizens approved a tax to support BCC, and bond issues to build the college. The Board of Trustees changed the college name from Bee County College to Coastal Bend College on September 1, 1998. The name change was made because the service area was extended by an act of the Texas Legislature in 1995. The Coastal Bend College service area includes Karnes, McMullen, Live Oak, Bee, Duval, Jim Wells and Brooks Counties, and parts of Atascosa and Kleberg Counties. The original board of trustees was Robert J. Beasley, George F. Elam, Jr., Frank Jostes, Fred C. Latcham, Jr., Peter S. Marecek, Paul A. Schulz and George Spikes. The board, elected in November, selected Grady C. Hogue as the first BCC President. Bee County College opened in September, 1967, with 790 students, 24 full-time instructors and 11 part-time teachers.